Anandhu Santhosh

Anandhu Santhosh
Media Co-ordinator
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About Anandhu Santhosh

From youthful curiosities to professional masterpieces, Anandhu Santhosh’s evolution in the realms of photography and videography is nothing short of inspiring. Serving as the Media Co-ordinator for HAT INNOVATION, Anandhu brings with him an extensive portfolio filled with moments frozen in time and emotions captured in frames.

Anandhu’s prowess isn’t merely limited to capturing exquisite moments; he’s an Indian Book of Records holder for the ‘Best Monochrome Photographer’. This esteemed recognition echoes his ability to see the world in shades of black and white, capturing its essence with a depth and emotion that color often overshadows. At HAT INNOVATION, Anandhu’s role isn’t merely about coordination. It’s about infusing every project with his award-winning perspective and setting visual benchmarks that resonate on both, emotional and aesthetic levels.